Saturday, 27 October 2012

Full blown test environment

All electronics components has been connected. We added unipolar stepper motor driver to target software. Additionally switchover from  ATMEGA644P to ATMEGA32 has been tested.

Firsts tests take place.

Mini unipolar stepper motor with gear box:

Middle unipolar stepper motor:

Bipolar nema17 stepper motor:

On / Off of Heatbed and Hotend:

So far no problems.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Electronics release 3

Electronics release 3 in production phase.
So far has been assembled:

3 x Mainboard
2 x Unipolar stepper motor drivers
4 x Bipolar stepper motor drivers
3 x USB adapters
1 x Extruder board
1 x Power Module

What next ?
Cabling, 2 x sets of Bipolar stepper motor drivers.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lathe - first hotend

Lathe has been equipped with new powerfull DC motor (750W at 22v).



Make Dreams Come True

When all component has been completed, assembled and offline tested we started system tests and calibration. Ajusting all parameters takes about two weeks. Additionally we used PP instead of ABS or PLA, it makes overall process more complex. The hardest factors to handle were high melting temperature and contraction.

The number of attempts is ilustrated on photo belowe.
Result of calibration

Finally we were able to manage all the variables. You can see output of all the phases in hronological order from the right to the left.

Evolution, from the random pice of PP to the extruder gear.

I forgot to mention that all the attempts were on cold table.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

PCB arrived

Today first release of target PCB's arrived:
4 x motor drivers
1 x power distribution board
1 x Extruder board
1 x mainboard

they looks very nice:
New PCB v3

Bring-up of motor driver and power supply module:
Bring-up of motor driver and power supply module: